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Book ID Book Name Author Publisher Action
5 Mandela Hain- Peter. Octopus- Pub. London. View Details
9 First Proof Jenson- Adobe Penguin Books- New Delhi. View Details
79 IACOCCA Lacocoa- Lee Bantam hardcover- London View Details
80 Straight From the gut Welch- Jack Headline- Pub. U. K. View Details
85 It's not about the Bike Armstrong- Lance Yellow Jerssy View Details
107 The Diary of a young girl (Anne Frank) Otto H Frank Penguin- books- New Delhi View Details
110 The monk is man (the unknown life of Vivekanand) Samkara Penguin- books- New Delhi View Details
124 The other side of me Sheldon- Sidney. Harper- Collins- London View Details
179 M. K. Gandhi M. K. Gandhi Penguin Books View Details
186 Mother teresa Brian Kolodijchuk Rider Books- London. View Details
187 Open Andre Agassi Harper- Collins- New Delhi View Details
202 Mother Teresa Chawala- Navin Penguin Books View Details
233 Papillon Henri- Charriere Harper Peremial View Details
249 Imran Khan Cricketer Christopher Sandford Harper Collins View Details
250 Made In America (My Story) Sam Walton- With John Huey A Batan Books View Details
262 Autobiography Of A Yogi Paramhansa Yoganand Ananda Singha - New Delhi View Details
263 The Mother of Invention Neale donald walsch Hay House India View Details
266 The Discovery Of India Jawaharlal Nehru ( Sunil Khilnani) Penguin Books View Details
277 Made In Japan Akio Morita and Sony Asignat Book View Details
282 Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Pelin PenGuin Books View Details
288 Dare To Dream ( Raibhdur Mohan Singh Oberai Bachi J Karkaria PenGuin Books View Details
322 The Story Of My Experiments With Truth M.K.Gandhi Peguin Books View Details
345 Selective Memory Shobha De Peguin Books India View Details
349 Sachin Gulu Ezekiel Peguin Books New Delhi View Details
350 The Life and Time of Baba Ramdev Ashok Raj Hay House Publisher New Delhi View Details
352 Beyound The last Blue Mountain R.M. Lala Peguin Books New Delhi View Details
359 J. Krishna Murti Pupul Jayakar Peguin Books New Delhi View Details
388 To The Last Bullet Vinita Kamte With vinita Deshmukh Ameya Prakashan Pune View Details
392 Go Kiss The World Subroto Bagchi Peguin Books New Delhi View Details
393 Ignited Minds APJ Abdul Kalam Peguin Books New Delhi View Details
400 Shantaram Gregory David Roberts Abacus London View Details
417 A Prison Diary Jeffrey Archer Macmillan Book View Details
463 Freedon from Fear Aung san suu kyi PenGuin Books View Details
486 echoes & eloquences:The life and cinema of Gulzar Saibal Chatterjee Rupa & Co. New Delhi View Details
506 The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan John Man Bantam Books View Details
526 Banker to The Poor Muhammad Yunus Penguin Books- New Delhi View Details
563 The world is what it is V. S. Naipaul Patrick French Pan Mac.Milla London View Details
593 Marrying Anita Anita Jain Blooms bury Publishing View Details
598 My Feudal Lord Tehmina Durrani Corti Books View Details
601 A warrior's Life Fernando Morais Narper Collins View Details
602 Jawaharlal Nehru Penguin Books View Details
603 Trump Donald J Trump Ballantine book View Details
618 Two Different Paths to God Money & Happiness Robert Kiyosaki Venguard Press View Details
641 I Dare Kiran Bedi May House View Details
654 Straight Drive Sunil Gawaskar Rupa & Co. View Details
661 A Princess Remembers Gayatri Devi Rupa & Co. View Details
662 Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler Jaico books View Details
665 Shah Rukh Khan Anupama Chopra Warner Books- New York View Details
666 The Butcher of Amristar Nigel Collett Rupa & Co. View Details
669 The Story of my life Helen Keller Bantam Book View Details
674 Wings of Fire APJ Abdul Kalam Universities Press View Details
679 Indira Gandhi Pupul Jayakar Penguin Books View Details
692 Without Fear (Bhagat Singh) Kuldip Nayar Harper Collins View Details
700 DIDDI - My Mother's Voice Ira Pande Peguin Book New Delhi View Details
713 ANNA AND THE BLACK KnIGHT Fynn Harper Collins New Delhi View Details
724 Young Husband Patrick French Peguin Book New Delhi View Details
744 Mister God- This is Anna Fynn Harper Collins New Delhi View Details
749 Flying High Anita Roy Young Zubaan View Details
756 A Beautiful Mind Sylvia Nasar Faber & Faber View Details

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