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About Us

BookFeast library was set up in February 2011, with the sole intention of providing books to the residents of Baner area. The library is the dream child of Mrs. Bharati Kishor Sonawne, who is managing the library single handedly.

Mrs. Bharati, a commerce graduate, was a housewife and a die hard fan of books. When her family settled in Baner area, she found it very difficult to obtain books due to lack of good library service in the nearby area. Noticing her plight, her husband Mr. Kishor Sonawne, encouraged her to start a library of her own, which in turn would fulfil her passion and enrich the Baner area with a good quality book library.

A survey was conducted to understand and analyse the demands and the taste of the readers and the entire collection of more than two thousand books was set up.

But due to busy schedule, people are driven away from the habit of reading books. Internet facilities and e-learning has created a gap between the readers and the books. Although technology has made life easier, but the feel of a book cannot be replaced by it and hence BookFeast has decided to use technology itself as a medium to bring books and readers closer. Thus, BookFeast has introduced the online reservation system through this website and home delivery for all the yearly members as well as certain attractive packages for our yearly members.

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